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We are your connection to resources during pregnancy and beyond.

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About ConnectFirst

ConnectFirst supports healthy pregnancies, births and early childhood development across Tulsa County. If you are pregnant or have a young child (newborn through age eight) and are enrolled in SoonerCare, ConnectFirst is here to provide support to you and your family at no cost. We are a team who can connect and refer you to services and resources in the community based on what you and your family want and need most.

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You may qualify for ConnectFirst if you live in Tulsa County and

Are pregnant or have a young child
And are eligible for SoonerCare

Services Provided

Support for You

ConnectFirst will provide you with ongoing personalized support during pregnancy and through your child’s younger years at no cost. We help with any immediate needs by connecting you to services and resources that are important to you and your family.

Parenting Resources

ConnectFirst can direct you to educational resources and opportunities in the community. Educational resources available include information on pregnancy, infant health, child development, and parenting.

If you are not currently enrolled in SoonerCare, visit the enrollment page to sign up.
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